I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship expect Allah (S. W. T) I also bear witness that Muhammad (S. A. W) is his messenger and slave. May the peace of Allah be upon him, his family, his companions who undertook righteousness as their way of life and those who follow on their footsteps.
      Allah has favored us with so many comforting things which we can’t
survive without them. These signs shows the existence of Allah. But to my surprise, there are some people who didn’t believe that Allah exist.
     O! Mankind, why can’t you think deeply on your own about your self (how Allah created you from nothing)? The creation of Heaven and Earth is the biggest sign among the signs of Allah (S. W. T). In Qur’an ch:30 V: 22 Allah the Mighty said: “And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth……”
      In the same chapter verse 20_21 He continue to mention the sign of His existence. “And among the signs is that He created you (Adam) from dust, and then (Hawwa’u) from Adam’s rip, and then his offspring from the semen……” In the next Ayat “And among His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect”.    
    There are a lots of Allah’s signs which are all to the benefits of Mankind. Even sleeping is also a sign of Allah’s existence. In the same chapter verse 23 “And among His signs is your sleep, at night or in daytime,…..”. It is a clear sign from among the signs of Allah that a person goes to sleep; the medical world up to now does not know exactly why does people goes to sleep. There are only theories. Allah Akbar! Qur’an is a miracle from Allah, and not an invented tale as the unbelievers argue.
      Alhamdulillah! Through Qur’an we learned that there is reason for a person to go to sleep. As mention in chapter 78 V 9. “And We have made your sleep as a thing for rest”.
     And among His signs “… He shows you the lightining, for fear and for hope, and He sends down water (rain) from the sky, and therewith revives the earth after its death. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who understand.
    ” Ya! Allah, make us be among those who understand and acknowledged Your signs. Ya! Allah, help us worship You with all sincerity, and obey your command in all that you commands us do.
       “Ya Allah! Grant me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favours which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds that will please You, and admit me by Your Mercy among Your righteous slaves. ”


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