You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help.
   There are several ways of invoking Allah (S. W. T) but I choose and follow the footsteps of our dear Prophets and our trusted leaders in Islam. Today in my Du’a(Prayer) I start with prayers for my parents. As we were enjoined by Allah(S. W. T) in Qur’an chapter 46:V15. I quote “And We have enjoined in man to be dutiful and kind to his parents.” one among the duties is to pray for them. Father, Mother, I pray to Allah to guide you unto the right path, to protect you from the evil eyes of the wicked ones. A lot of prayers for my Mum. She went through a lot of hardship before she brought me in to this world. Mama, I ask Allah to build for you a house in Jannatul Fiddaus.
“Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents, and all the believers on the day when the reckoning will be established. ” “Our Lord! In You we put our trust, and to You we turn in repentance, and to You is the final Return.” “Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and our transgressions, establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. ”
” Our Lord! Bestow on us mercy from Yourself, and facilitate for us our affair in the right way. ” Our Allah, direct our matter well, Grant us good end.
O you! Who believe, invoke none but Allah. For Allah (S. W. T) said And whoever invokes besides Allah, any other god, of whom he has no proof; then his reckoning is only with his Lord.” “My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for You are the Best of those who show mercy.”
Allah intends for you ease, He does not want to make things difficult for you. That is why He teach us to keep saying “Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire.”
O Allah! You are my Lord, there is no deity worthy of worship except You. You have created me and I am Your servant. I am on Your covenant, as much as I can be, and awaiting Your promise.
“Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error,….. “.
Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!! Alhamdulillah!!! Allah is sufficient for me. There is no God but Allah, in Him I put my trust and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.


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